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Why didn't my team share my sense of urgency?

​​"I met Heidi when she my coach during her time as a Talent Development Director.  I had become so sensitive that it caused my leadership to be compromised.  My team didn't take my leadership seriously and I couldn't understand why my team didn't share my sense of urgency?  Through my coaching time with Heidi, I realized that they were responding to my approach.  When I was appropriately  collaborative, but undeniably clear on my expectations, my team flourished.  I'm so thankful!

                                                                              -Angela, Naples FL



​"What can I say?  If it hadn't been for Heidi I can honestly say I would not have survived my divorce.  I had been married since I was 18 and after 15 years was a complete door mat, and had no idea who I was.  I knew my roles; mother, wife, etc...I didn't know who "I" was, and my life came crashing down when I found out about my now ex-husband's infidelities.  I was lost, scared, depressed, angry...Heidi was the first person I called.  She helped me through all of the stages of divorce and was my champion from day one.  She helped me realize I was a strong, talented woman who could become and be anything I wanted.  She had unlimited examples of why she felt that way.  She has such a can-do attitude, positivity, patience, understanding, common sense - all meshed together with utter believability - because SHE believes it!  She sees the greatness in a person and draws it out of them so they can realize their own self worth.  All are extremely priveledged to have Heidi in their lives.  All who know her are immediately drawn to her.  She radiates positivity, compassion, humor and love.  The world is a better place with her in it.  I'll be forever greatful to her for helping me through the roughest period in my life.  Love you Heidi!!"

-Kerry, Orlando FL

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